Hello detective 🕵️‍♂️, 

I’m Ariah. 🥂It’s so nice to virtually meet you.

When I'm not making Cinematic Trip-Hop music, I love finding and creating new things for my fans.

Everything in this shop is hand-selected by me personally, and every item is meant to bring a sense of magic & mystery to your home or wardrobe.

It’s so important to create the atmosphere and peace we desire. A sense of magic and mystery that takes us away from the mundane…

That's why you'll see more than just my music on Shop Ariahindream. Through a combination of scent, sound, touch… Each item is lovingly made to take you to mystical, magical worlds. Consciously created apparel, home decor, and music can do wonders for the soul.

I can’t describe how incredible it feels when my fans describe my music and items as visceral and invigorating.

Having chosen to be a full-time independent music artist, FREEDOM is my top value, and being able to create a sense of this for my fans feels so incredibly rewarding. I feel it literally, like a sea of electricity shooting through my body and warming my heart.

I hope to do the same for you. If you’re ready to experience a spiritually-charged, achingly cinematic soundtrack for late nights, lazy days, reflective commutes and intimate moments, along with magical, mystical physical items that you can hold, touch, feel… Shop Ariahindream is for you. 

So journey with me on this road full of exciting adventures ahead!

With love,

Ariah xo

London, 2022

Ariahindream - Selene (Official Video)